Being on Mission: A Business Fable

Based on Mark McGregor's '10 Principles of Leadership and Life', "Being on Mission" tells the story of Michael Weber, the typical, overworked manager, struck down in both his personal and professional life until he arrives at an all-time low. His ensuing transformation begins with the help of two mentors and a powerful leadership training workshop.

Being on Mission is a story of inside-out transformation and leadership development, and with the lessons learned by Michael Weber along his journey, you, too, can transform yourself professionally and personally. "Being on Mission" will be a page turner and an engaging book. This is something you will refer to well after you finished reading it the first time. The book is often called "a coach in your pocket" for the convience and teaching it provides.

Find out more about the 10 Principles of Leadership and Life that inspired Michael in 'Being on Mission'.

                 Leadership is a choice, it is not a formal title...

Leadership is all about taking responsibility and creating the future. A set of fundamental skills, qualities and principles build the basis. Clear values and vision give the leaders a compass to help them find their way.

Leadership training enhances the skills of managers and executives to help them master the challenge of leading and to increase their effectiveness in business and private life.

Training can be customized to fit individual and company needs. This flexibility in course design is a major strength of the training and makes each course unique.

            Mark McGregor Principles of Leadership Camps

Over the years I have found that the best way to teach and help develop leadership skills in people is by working in a small group setting. My camps are located in Canada and Europe (subject to change), and offer a developmental, and reflective setting to all those who attend.

Those who attend frequently rave about what they learned and more importantly, how they are able to incorporate it into multiple facets of their life. These skills aren't just for work, they are personal, to be used in every day situations.

In 2018 Mark Launched his Vision Camp Program aimed at helping today's youth prepare for life after high school. It encourages an entrepenurial mindset to life, and helps each participant find their mission before entering a pivitol moment in their life.

                    The Mark McGregor Mission Statement

Mark McGregor Works to help people see their potential. His work provides sustainable results.
Mark's passion is Leadership Development. He lives his mission daily by re energizing to create energy to inspire others. Mark understands that leadership is a choice, and he choose to lead. His coaching helps strengthen your strengths and become world class at what you do. Mark will do the right things first based on his vision and values. 


                                                          Mark McGregor - "I live my mission".




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