Vision Finder Camp (Ontario, Canada)



Young Adults

They say the Millennials are lazy, unmotivated and entitled. The truth is that most of you aren’t. It’s just gotten a lot more complicated! Millennials face different challenges than the generations before. A much more global work force and a different set of requirements to get a job than compared to our parents. What has stayed the same though is the importance of selling yourself and your vision.

The youth unemployment rate (18-24 years) climbed above 55% a few years ago in some parts of Europe. It’s higher than it used to be across the globe. Meanwhile 65% of teenagers are starting college and 35% are getting Bachelor’s degrees. Add in the fact that so many people have other certifications and work experience on top of their degree it becomes hard to separate yourself from other qualified applicants for the few open positions. The best way to stand out though, is to be clear on your mission and value. Show leaders how you can be an asset to their team with your vision.

We understand the struggle. We’re here to help. We can help you find your vision in life and see your potential.  Together, we can illuminate a career path, develop key leadership and communication skills needed in the real world. We will help you understand what brings purpose to your life and find the sweet spot where you are creating value for our world, living a purposeful life, and earning money!


This camp has been specifically designed for the new generation of youth. The goal is to inspire, teach, and leave a lasting impression on the young. The coaching team will focus on training the young adults to be successful leaders in life. Our Coaching team has leadership roots in organizations all over the world, and we specialize in helping people strengthen their strengths, and realize their potential.

Investing in our youth is the best way to see a brighter future. This is a chance for your children to receive high end, personal training from a world renowned leader and coach. These skills will separate your child in the future whether that be apply for a job, or leading their own team. Mark is accompanied by his daughter Kaitlyn, a former speed skater who shares experience with how the 10 principles helped her compete at the highest level.

In this high intensity Vision Finder Camp, we will use proven methods used with top executives at Bayer, Airbus, Tamedia and other global giants/corporations. We will use feedback from Mark, other highly qualified coaches, and the peers in the camp to help your child reflect on their dreams desires and abilities. They will learn how to leave their comfort zone and make something of themselves and their career. Someone they will be proud of. Someone you will be proud of. Someone with a sense of purpose.

If you are a young adult and say yes to any of these questions, this camp is designed for you!

Don’t let chance determine your future. Find purpose in your next steps.


Are you ready to find your purpose in life?

What are you going to do once your college or sports career ends?

Do you feel like none of the next steps are the right thing?

Do you feel like theere is no good next step / no good way forward?

Do you feel like the standard path isn’t the right thing for your life?

What’s the next step?

Do you not know what your next step is in life?

Are you unsure of what the future holds for you?


Vision Quest Dates For Kenora, Ontario, Canada 2020


June 2nd – June 5th
4 days

Arrival: Friday Evening
Camp Days:Saturday – Tuesday
Departure: Tuesday 4PM


Venue Location:
Stormbay Rd. 9, Kenora, Ontario, Canada


Venue Features:

Private Island with spectacular nature and walking trails
Large Conference Center
Large Open room yoga space
Large Dining Room
Wooden Sauna + Outside Hot Tub
Many gorgeous scenic views of the lake
Large Boathouse

$1600 USD/individual or $1300 USD/group (2 Or More) including full accommodation (all inclusive)

Booking / Buchung

If you’re not financially able to attend, send us a one-page letter about how this camp could change your life. Each camp we will pick two people who will receive a scholarship to come to the Vision Finder Camp!



For me personally, the Leadership Camp in Kenora was quite outstanding. Apart from the intensification of tools, mindset and philosophy around leadership, it was foremost a most inspiring and energizing catalyst for clarifying the way ahead. I’ve not only seen the whole group of participants growing for themselves and altogether during that week, but am also seeing that it has quite a sustainable impact going forward. Again, thanks a lot and hope seeing you soon.”

Dr. Axel Steiger-Bagel, Bayer AG, Managing director for the Benelux Region

Mark thank you for the last 2 days, you were engaging, entertaining and incredibly high energy. Working with sales people is never easy and your enthusiasm challenged us to think and took us out of our comfort zone. You have certainly given us a lot to think about and I truly believe that we will all be better off both personally and professionally from the time we have spent together“

Shane Sibraa, Argyll Scott Hong Kong, Managing Director/Asia Pacific