Inzell Business Storytelling Camp


The Art of Storytelling

Storytelling is a powerful method for leaders and there are 3 main benefits

  • helps to communicate your values and to visualize your vision and leadership principles

  • will be able to put facts into an emotional context, regarding a change initiative for example

  • transports your individual leadership-(brand- )story and helps to build trust and connect with your team


In this workshop, you’ll apply a series of practical guidelines, step-by-step, for creating unforgettable stories to use throughout your career.

  1. Develop your storytelling identity:Identify your strength and how you can use your voice to grab the attention of anyone in your company.

  2. Build your storytelling tone: Explore different mediums for telling your story and how tone and pitch can affect your story.

  3. Designed for impact: The storytelling skills developed will have a positive impact, leading to faster trust and connection.



We focus on developing storytelling skills that creating emotion, inspire others, and grab attention.

When you tell a good story you are able to grab peoples attention. This is a critical skill in business and networking. It is not about perfection – it is about connection! The knowledge you gain through this camp will take your storytelling skills to the next level. Be heard, be remembered. Storytelling will create the change you wish to see in your career.


Business Storytelling Camp Overview

My 3-day interactive and intensive camp combines the three themes of leadership, change and storytelling to create an empowering and insightful camp. The business storytelling course is designed for managers and executives.The goal of the camp is to teach you how to better tell a story. Whether that story is a personal one or the story of your business. Orally telling stories has been a way to share information since long before people knew how to document and safeguard them as written stories.

In this business storytelling, camp you will develop methods for effective leadership and learn how to manage change processes. A constant and central anchoring point will be your personally created leadership-(brand- )story. This camp does not follow a set itinerary. However, it will cover the topics below.

Business Storytelling Topics And What Skills Will Be Developed

  • How to write and how to tell any story in an attention-grabbing manner

  • Learn how to build an emotionally resonating message for your brand.

  • Storytelling principles and writing the first draft for your story

  • How to start applying your storytelling skills in meaningful ways at home and the workplace

  • What’s your story: create your personal and leadership brand story

  • Individual feedback regarding your leadership story

  • Storytelling performance skills for conveying detail in a clear and concise manner

  • Maintaining attention and respect, but still being genuine and vulnerable


If you want people to understand your vision, your product, or your mission statement, you have to be able to get them interested in it. Mastering this skill will be as important as any other social skill.

2020 Dates and Price:


December 08th – 10th.

Price is 3.300,00 EUR including 3 nights in the Seminar-House or the nearby Hotel, all inclusive.


83334 Inzell, Fischerfeld 5, Germany-Bavaria

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