Leadership Trainings

"The only thing worse than training employees and losing them is not training them and keeping them"      - Zig Ziglar



Open Enrollment Courses, and In-house Training’s.


1-5 Day Duration with customized content

Since 1999, I have been doing in-house training with global companies around the world. By focusing on vision and values and instilling ‘The 10 Principles of Leadership and Life’, I have created huge benefits for individuals and international companies. Due to my success as an in-house trainer, sports coach, and guest speaker at a variety of business schools, I opened my first leadership camp in Kenora, Ontario, on the beautiful Lake of the Woods in 2008. I have now set up another training center and run camps out of Inzell, Germany. Below are a list of topics that are covered at my Leadership camps:


Mark McGregor Training Topics:



High Performance Leadership

  • Principle centered leadership

  • Paradigm, paradigm-shifts and new behaviours

  • The MCCL-Model

  • “We are over-managed and under-led” – Bill Gates

  • Understanding the different roles of Manager, “Clienter”, Coach and Leader

  • Tribal Territorial Strategic Mapping

  • High Performance 1:1 coaching
    – seeing and developing potential

  • Being on Mission ( Based on the book “Being On Mission”)
    – principle centered leadership
    – internalizing and living ‘The 10 Principles of Leadership and Life’
    – self assessment and feedback



High Performance Teams

  • Developing effective and efficient teams by defining vision and values

  • Open communication and increasing trust

  • Team vision / values process

  • 10 habits of high performance teams

  • Creating trust and vulnerability



Psychology of Winning

  • Tools and techniques from professional athletes

  • The corporate athlete

  • Mental strength and mental training



The 100 Day Challenge / Energy Management

  • Manage your energy – not your time

  • Learning more about PQ (Physical Quotient)

  • Fitness, nutrition and health

  • Energy management

  • Proactive tips to vitality



Story Telling Seminar

  • Becoming a competent, strong, convincing and professional presenter

  • Learning to hook the audience in an emotional and intellectual way

  • Tips, techniques, practice and feedback

  • Change management and the art of storytelling



Mark McGregor Leadership Camps

Special camps in a special atmosphere! Are you looking for an exciting camp opportunity for the summer? These camps are a little different than ones you may have attended as a youngster. They are based on leadership training, discussion, personal effectiveness and more. Both camps offer top notch hospitality and experience and will have you ready to come back next year.

Our Kenora camps are 5 day programs during the summer months in the very special surroundings of Kenora, Canada! At “Stormbay” on Lake of the Woods, training, wellness and adventure can be bundled to a very special experience!

With our newly built seminar house in Inzell/Bavaria we have also opened our gates in Germany. Again in a gorgeous setting facing the alps, we offer a 3-day training program and we also rent out the center for individual company events.