Frederik Waller, Head of Department C-212 Helm AG.“Being (on mission) in Kenora for one week was maybe one of the most valuable weeks of my life. Becoming clearer about my values (and their origin), my personal strengths (USPs) and defining both an on-point personal & business vision will help me structuring & living my life with all people around me in the most desirable way”.

Anne Rasmussen, Commercial Director KRM (ECCO own and operated retail Europe). Taking a week out of my life to focus in “Me” and “who am I?” - “why are you here?” has been the best investment ever. I was even more lucky to stay for two weeks to practise my coaching skills! Every human should step out and reflect on the life we live : are we truly on mission in life? Do we make the best of our own life and surroundings? A lot of self-reflection happens even during the first days of the course, but you open up and are surrounded by people in similar stage in their life and the 5 day course passes very fast! Through professional coaching and many wonderful exercises you will discover new values in your life. What are your core values professionally and privately? Are you really living your values or do you need to change some of your habits? A very powerful week and you learn a lot about yourself - you create your own mission statement and start living a better “you”. It’s 3 months ago since I returned back but I am on mission and live my values much shaper and focussed. I energise they think daily yoga and my health improves day by day.

On my return to the office my colleagues could see a massive change “your body language is powerful and the way you walk - what happened?”. My team feels the energy and power and find they have a Leader they are proud of.

Why wait? Why not enrol and join the team either on your own, with your partner or through your colleagues.

Martin Zech, Former Camp Antendee “I have attended Marks Leadership camp several years ago and was simply stunned by his coaching approach. Working on a “whole person model” led me to realize and name my core values & strengths, based on which we started working on my very personal vision and mission – not only for me as a person but also for my business career. Marks camp is an unbelievably strong source of motiviaton and inspiration, helping you to find your very own way in life. Having introduced Mark`s leadership training into the company I lead, I experience a tremendous positive effect in both leadership capabilities as well as motivation on all managers. I can see what positive effect a similar coaching on young people will have, helping them understanding their own skills and values better, paving their way to a successful, happy & balanced life.”

Ian Moore, South East Asia, Director, Sales, Hapag-Lloyd Pte Ltd "Inspirational and thought provoking unlike any other leadership training I have experienced, both professionally and personally. It also hits home on the importance of teaching this to my children and what an opportunity this would be for them.“

Dr. med. Bernhard Kaumanns, Zurich Area, Switzerland, Head Medical Affairs EMEA, Baxter Healthcare SA, EMEA HQ "Working with Mark is always a great experience! Try it and you will feel it! His endless energy, passion and team dynamic makes every workshops with him unique and insightful. Over the past five years I have been MBA participant, Kenora Camp participant and worked with Mark and my team for many times.
Best to plan for a 3 day workshop to start, don’t go shorter. It’s worth every minute.
Regards, Bernhard“

Shane Sibraa, Argyll Scott Hong Kong, Managing Director/Asia Pacific "Mark thank you for the last 2 days, you were engaging, entertaining and incredibly high energy. Working with sales people is never easy and your enthusiasm challenged us to think and took us out of our comfort zone. You have certainly given us a lot to think about and I truly believe that we will all be better off both personally and professionally from the time we have spent together“

Hermann Gessler, Head of Banknote Processing Solution Giesecke & Devrient GmbH “Hi Mark, just wanted to personally drop in a line – after 3 years, still impressed by the leadership Workshop in December 2011 – and hoping you are doing well at your end. I just wanted to say “Thanks a lot” for this very impressive workshop which accompanied me the last three years and provided great support in making desicions in private as well as in business. Mark, it was a real pleasure for me to meet you and to have had the ability to be part of your brilliant and impressive workshop, I hope you still have the energy and the power to continue in the same way and to inspire lots of people like me.”

Marleen Kuipers, Emerson , Director of Marketing Europe (regarding speech at Emerson Global Users Exchange, Stuttgart ) “We had great feedback from the audience on your presentation. See below some comments I received: …Fantastic + Inspiring, not just because I am Canadian.. …Excellent final speech to take home… …Excellent motivation…”

Nina Recker, Bayer MaterialScience AG, HR-Talent Management (regarding the Leadership and Health program) “Wow! Yes, that is our wish and target to inspire and influence our leaders in that way! Great!”

Dr. Michael Pirker, WT Akademie , Law and Tax adviser ( participant in Professional Management tax accountancy,) “I will definitely recommend this seminar and it will not be the last time I do training with Mark! Compared to the other training that we had in the program, you were totally unique and I’m very happy I could experience the power of your two day program. Remain who you are and help other people reflect on their life. I took a lot away and I will try to contribute something to others. “

Marco Camozzi, St. Gallen Business School, Leadership for Talents seminar, Davos, “Thank you Mark. The seminar was rated as a 1 out of a 1-4 scale, which means excellent! Thank you very much for your support!”

Nina Recker, Bayer Material Science, HR Talent Management Training “Thanks again for supporting us on our well being ‘mission’ with a great BMS Training program. It is a pleasure working with you! You really impressed me – not only convincing such a group, you really touch and inspire people! And also thank you personally for the kind ‘words’ for rainy days and some valuable learnings and take-aways.”

Veronique Tobback, ABN AMRO, , participant I-Add program, “The I-Add course was really a re-energizer for me! My colleagues noticed today that I was full of positive energy and that it must have been a very good course! I really enjoyed the course and your motivational speeches (even the getting up at 7 o’clock on Tuesday :-D). I think it is amazing how you succeed in capturing everyone’s attention and cooperation during 2 1/2 days. Thank you for sharing your energy with us!”

Barbara Schiesser, Baukader Schweiz, Re: Kaitlyn & Mark McGregor “The speech from Mark and his daughter Kaitlyn got great, positive feedback from our delegates. “

Stefan Drees, Bayer MaterialScience , CFO Center of Excellence, Bayer Leadership Camp in Inzell, “Three intense and rewarding days full of information and mutual coaching. That’s the way your company tells you that they DO care about you. Staying with Mark and Faye: being abroad and at home at the same time!”

Matt C, Sr Manager at Horeus Germany , participant In-house Training Feedback “I met Mark in Switzerland almost 2 years ago at a seminar for Heraeus. The night the seminar ended I had some disturbing personal news and asked him for advice. He said pick 2 things you are either scared to do or don’t think you can accomplish, and then go accomplish them. I picked losing weight and flying airplanes. I have been fat since I was a kid 12 years of age and tried every diet known to man but nothing worked. I also have a fear of heights and especially of small planes. Attached are some before and after pictures of me. Before 235lbs, after 168lbs. The link to You Tube is a movie I made in my spare time. It is me flying the airplane. ( Mark’s words resonated with me that day and it forced me to take ownership of my life, health and where I was headed. Things were good but now they are even better. I am applying some of his teachings to new goals and hope to keep getting better.”

Peter Ward, Luzerner Kantonsspital, Business Coach Leadership Workshops in verschiedenen Abteilungen “For hospitals it is a major “Time of Change”. After working a number of times together with Mark, the “Leadership Role” within “High Performing Teams” is much better understood. His style and energy are unique and time with him is like “Personal Wellness”!”

Rizk Haddad, Rotana Group Leadership training in Dubai “Dear Mark, I wonder on which part of the planet you might be, lecturing a “lucky” bunch of executives about a so called “leadership course” … I like to call it “the philosophy of life”… A life changing course, by all means… I have realized that the first thing you need to grow at is with yourself… I understand the importance of life balance, the importance of your food diet …. No one will love you and believe in you, if you don’t love yourself and believe in yourself first… I am exercising 3 time per week, and aiming to increase that to 5, once I build on my stamina… drinking water and trying to improve my diet as source of energy and health… and Happiness. I also exercise the soul and the mind, through music in the morning allowing me to dream and see ahead, feel my vision and my goal… a man without a dream is a dead man… all this to re-energize… being positive… being happy. One week has passed, I still wake up early, and feel I am going to see “Mark”, hence need to work on my MCCLS… I want to improve further my coaching that will guide closer into my dream… I have came to my core vision, I don’t want to live , I am here and YES, I can change, first myself and the world around me… I want to break my comfort zone and unleash the leader in me… And as Helier Bridges said” I am not here to make a living, I am here to make a difference” NB: I have now the 10 principles of leadership and life and coaching skills and techniques written, I carry them with me.”

On behalf of Emerson Process Management Flow Netherlands “Mark has helped Emerson Process Management’s Micro Motion and Flow divisions to develop current and future managers, leaders and executives. Mark never fails to leave a lasting impression on the attendees of his events and the change in quality and caliber of their leadership skills after attending his events is one of the reasons why we keep inviting Mark back to host our events.”

Hijmen van Doornspeek, Director Human Resources Flow: “I consider myself extremely lucky to have been introduced to Mark. What I learn in his events (I have attended many over the years) can be immediately implemented in to your daily working and personal lives, making it equally practical and invaluable for me. Mark’s enthusiasm and sincerity are clear for all to see and are just some of the things that make his events so different to others. I am making sure that all my future leaders get the opportunity to attend events hosted by Mark.”

Peter Zwick, Kanton Basel-Landschaft Volkswirtschafts- und Gesundheitsdirektion Inhouse Leadership Training “For the second year in a row, Mark exceeded all expectations from the participants in the workshop. The training was exciting, entertaining and funny, but also a learning experience. Many thanks. “

Dr. Axel Steiger-Bagel, Bayer AG, CEO Bayer SA /NV Benelux , Leadership Camp Kenora Dear Mark, “Let me again say thank you. From all the leadership courses I experienced (and these were quite a few), I must say that yours are really the ones which are most valuable and sustainable. Seeing how my whole team is developing, using your clear messages, guidance and tools is just amazing. And as we are all speaking the same language now, the interaction and the ambition to grow together is quite profound and helpful given the ambitious journey we have embarked on. For me personally, the Leadership Camp in Kenora was quite outstanding. Apart from the intensification of tools, mindset and philosophy around leadership, it was foremost a most inspiring and energizing catalyst for clarifying the way ahead. I’ve not only seen the whole group of participants growing for themselves and altogether during that week, but am also seeing that it has quite a sustainable impact going forward. Again, thanks a lot and hope seeing you soon.”

Emil Schneider, Linde Material Handling , Leiter Marketing Leadership Training “Dear Mark, like we remember back to the seminar in Tegernsee. The event was very well received. Our special thanks go to you, as our speakers. the topics were instructive but also entertaining and informative. This training was enthusiastically received by the seminar participants. We want to warmly thank you for this great success.”

Larissa Neev, ITW U.K., Speech at Kick Off Conference,“I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you very much for your speech at our Kick Off Conference on Friday. The feedback has been fantastic and Justin has commented that it was the best conference he has ever done.”

Annette Lampe, Altana AG, Head of Personnel Development about SGBS Inhouse Trainings and Leadership Camp “Mark is very authentic and liveswhat he teaches. In our fast-paced and complex world, he causes the participants to reflect. The training with him left its mark on all participants. Especially valuable I think were the coaching sessions. Overall pleasantly different … “

Dr. Matthias L. Wolfgruber, Altana AG, Vorsitzender “Leadership is the quintessential success factor for our decentralized global business and Mark McGregor is a fixture and highlight in our development programs. Mark has inspired and energized all program participants from young high potentials to the Executive Management Team.”

Gordon Tredgold, Henkel Information Technology , Head of Global Service Delivery (GSD) 3 days Team Building & Leadership Training “…fantastic course, team were fully engaged, energy levels up and new enthusiasm… and even more importantly they were happier… not sure if its happy people are productive people or productive people are happy, depends on the individual, but you got to start somewhere and happy seems like a great start.”

Philip Jabbour, Starcom Media Vest Group , President Starcom Middle East, 3 days Leadership Training, “I’d like to thank you for an excellent session that resonated well with everyone involved, and I would like to personally thank you for the special attention as it assisted me tremendously in my evolving challenging role … kinda puts things into perspective and lays out the required preparation and attributes I need to manage in order to conquer the challenges ahead. It particularly helped me focus my 100-day plan, and on the call with my global boss, there was little to dispute as I learned how to focus efforts and be aware of what is realistic and what lies on a longer timeline. Opportunistic timing for the training … I tell ya!

Dr. Peter Köhler, Former CEO of W.C.Heraeus and Weidmueller Group "I know Mark McGregor for more than 15 years. I worked together with him as the co-CEO of W.C.Heraeus as well as the CEO of the Weidmueller Group. He is an outstanding coach and role model for a leadership philosophy I share by 100%. I feel very fortunate to know him – he is an exceptional person!"

Karin Imming, ABN AMRO, participant Follow up Leadership Day, “Here’s a little story I want to share with you. My home buddy was supposed to follow another session, but he went to the wrong conference room and because you welcomed him personally he thought it was impolite to leave the room. After the session he said he was very, very happy that he accidentally ended up in your session. He was very impressed by your energy and the way you inspire people, including him! And in such a short time-frame…”

M/O/T School of Management Universität Klagenfurt Prof. Neumann, Direktor 2 Tage Leadership Training Teilnehmerresonanz auf Feedbackbogen – Think about stretching this out to 3 days – that were the most important 2 days in week one and we would have needed much more time!!! 3 days would make more sense. – Ein zusätzlicher Tag würde den Zeitdruck nehmen. – Sensationell!!! Toll! Eine Sensation! Super! Absolut begeisterungsfähig! – Ein spitzen Coachingtrainer – nur zum Weiterempfehlen. – Thank you so much! Thanks Mark! – Very very good. “I will change my live” – Hat viel zum Nachdenken angeregt; ist ein toller Motivator und mitreißend, einfühlsam und nicht verletzend und unglaublich gut. – Wohl das Highlight des Programmes, wenn auch Soft Skills, so bringt Mark die TN zum Nachdenken über Dinge, die wichtig sind und für die oft sonst keine Zeit bleibt.

Markus Quick, PCO-AG Feedback on Camp I’ll be happy to recommend the Seminar. Many thanks to you for the smooth organization.