Welcome to your Principles of leadership  and Life Self Assessment
By investing these 10 minutes in this self analysis you will receive a graph showing how you are presently living the 10 Principles.

1) I alone, am the person in control of my life.
2) My efforts, attention and energy are focused on the things I can change or influence rather than those beyond my control
3) My mood and actions are my responsibility and I don’t blame others or circumstance
4) My future is my responsibility and is in my own hands
5) My expectations for myself and my future are high
6) I see my potential and I choose to develop it
7) I see and feel a sense of purpose in my life and in what I do
8) My vision is aligned with my personal values
9) I know what is important to me and regularly reflect upon this
10) I discuss values and purpose with people that are important in my life
11) I often ask myself what is my purpose and my inner voice has the answer
12) The time I spend on personal reflection brings me clarity
13) I am clear on my life goals and what I intend to accomplish
14) I plan and organize my life to avoid working in a crisis mode
15) My week begins with a clear understanding and a written plan of what I really want to get done
16) I invest time on developing my personal vision
17) I know who I am and the kind of person I want to become
18) My definition of professional success is clear
19) I execute my weekly plan consistently
20) I know the most important aspects of my life and I focus on them first and foremost
21) My actions have meaning and connect to my mission in life
22) I am very disciplined in my use of time and I can say ‘no’
23) I use my vision and values to set my weekly priorities
24) Execution of my goals is a measurable process
25) I maintain my life balance to achieve happiness
26) Even when I’m over-loaded at work, I don’t forget the needs of others
27) Professionally, I work intensely but am conscious of my body’s need for renewal.
28) I enjoy the moment and people see and feel my happiness
29) I invest time into keeping friendships alive
30) I make quality, one-to-one time for the people important to me
31) My success is as important to me as the success of those around me
32) By cooperating well with others, people know I care
33) In a conflict situation, I work towards the ultimate goal of finding a solution that is good for everyone
34) I always feel we can reach the right solution for both sides
35) I create goals with people that make sense for both of us
36) I always negotiate with the give and take mentality
37) I am aware and sensitive to other people’s feelings and they are important to me
38) I actively listen and try to understand other people’s views
39) When I am listening, I hold back my own opinion until the other feels understood
40) I take time to coach and I am seen as a coach
41) I have patience and help people find their priorities and the way forward
42) My empathy and understanding are recognized by others
43) I actively gather and value opinions and insights from others
44) I constantly strive for better solutions by being open to new ideas
45) I create an environment of trust where others want to give their opinion
46) In a brain-storming phase, I hold back and do not dominate others
47) I effectively facilitate brainstorming sessions to support innovation
48) I proactively create teams with different styles of people
49) I am kind and considerate toward others
50) I do what I promise and stick to my commitments
51) I am not critical of others, unless during face-to-face communication
52) I see and affirm the potential in everyone around me
53) I do the small and important things that keep a relationship alive
54) I praise and complement others whenever possible, both privately and professionally
55) I care of my physical health and over all well being.
56) Recharging and re-energizing are part of my daily life style
57) My life has meaning and I enjoy every day
58) I find quality time to myself and personal reflection
59) I mentally analyse my experiences on a regular basis.
60) I am conscious of my nutrition and my sleep

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