Lynda Dobbin-Turner

My Canadian coach is a versatile teammate. Lynda is a hard worker, life coach, and leader. Her qualifications include: CCF Certified Life Coach, a Certified Passion Test Facilitator for Adults as well as Kids and Teens, and a Certified Grief Recovery Model Specialist. Lynda runs her own website and is a singer songwriter in her free time. She is very much the glue that holds the team together and is a helping hand in all of the projects the team undergoes.

Andrea Heckelmann

Andrea has a unique approach to life and business coaching. She mainly uses her experience in offering  “coaching while walking sessions”. Being outdoors and having a coach to listen is a great combination and makes people relax and open up. Hiking and walking in nature, are a great metaphor for life. Taking time out of your business life to spend time in nature has a beneficial impact on your mental and physical well being.

Bob Leslie

Bob has led many seminar sessions, developed work experience programs, presented WEVAS workshops (Working Effectively with Violent and Aggressive Students) and held leadership positions in many areas of education. He was also a Coaching Course Conductor for the Manitoba Hockey and Baseball Associations. Most notably, Bob has coached at the Spengler cup, Swiss National A league, and the German Elite league (DEL).

Kaitlyn McGregor

Kaitlyn is my daughter and was a long track speed skater. She now works with me at my leadership development camps. She explains the drive, motivation, and desire needed to be at the top of your field. She was regarded as one of the best junior speed skaters of all time, #2 in the world, and has a decorated career both in hockey and speed skating. With her focus now on personal development, leadership and coaching, she works with me in a variety of sessions.

Nicole Loeffen

Raised in a family of entrepreneurs and after Art academy, Nicole has worked for 22 years with great pleasure for ABN AMRO, the last 15 years she gathered a lot of experience with HR, change and behavioral development projects. Nicole discovered that her results-oriented contribution to the development of people is one of her strengths. Nicole focuses on all kinds of challenges that have to do with (personal) leadership, organization- and behavioural change and team development. Some of the organizations to which she has contributed are ABN AMRO, Ministry Social affairs and employment, Solvay-Farma, PWC, EY, Unicef and  Rabobank.

Kathy Fisher

“I can definitely recommend Kathleen as a person, coach and facilitator. She has great one on one skills emotional intelligence and provides many insights for people in her feedback sessions. I get Kathy involved as a coach as often as I can and she always adds value to any program. Her experience is invaluable and she keeps growing and learning herself which is what i like its called “walk the talk”.

-Mark McGregor

Gillian Walter

A coach, a writer, a teacher (Bachelor of Education, Honors) and an artist. In addition to English, Gillian is fluent in Swiss- and High German. She has a passion for people and a talent for unlocking their potential. She will work with empathy, but challenge her clients to recognize, understand and address the main stumbling blocks in their lives. Her clients get to know themselves inside-out; their values, their visions and their lives. We work together with this insight for you to become the best you can possibly be.