Inzell Camp
Inzell Camp

Inzell Leadership Camp

Leadership Camp Inzell, is a 3 day intensive camp, where I focus on coaching and developing leaders and managers. The focus is on helping them fully understand the core role of leadership, the 10 principles of personal effectiveness and the dynamics of high performance teams. This Leadership camp is designed for leaders and each year it is customized to benefit the individual participants. The 2020 dates are already posted so act quickly if you would like to participate.

Dates 2020:

March 4th – 6th
March 11th – 13th
October 14th – 16th
October 21st – 23rd

Start of seminar: 09:30 o’clock
End of seminar: 14:00 o’clock (last day)

Seminar fee:
EUR 3.300,00, including overnight stay and full board.
Invoice will be sent after application.
6-10 participants

83334 Inzell, Fischerfeld 5


During the Leadership Camp workshops:
• Being on Mission – 10 principles of personal effectiveness
• Working on the vision, mission and values process
• Effective Communication and developing a personal coaching style
• Self discipline: self coaching and high performance
• Roles and goals – Understanding leadership
• Effective Coaching-tools and methods: focusing on strengths, affirming potential and motivation.
• Interactive 1:1 coaching sessions
• High performance teams including a team effectiveness analysis.
• Change Management
• Tribal territorial strategic mapping process
• Psychology of Winning
• Mental toughness profile and stress management
• Energy management and resiliency
• Individual feedback to each participant regarding their personal strengths and  communication style

Topics will also be customized to the needs of the participants.
The participants will receive many practical tools and techniques that can be applied directly in their professional and private lives.

Booking / Buchung:


Thank you so much once again for the coaching in the 2,5 days, it has been extremely powerful and inspiring such a motivation and there has been so much energy afterwards! I will certainly go through the book and keep following up on my notes, you cannot imagine how many people I have spoken to about this seminar. I have also thought a lot about your suggestion on going to Canada and am certainly interested.

Carola Strum, Schleich Sales Director Asia/Pacific, Middle East and Africa

The seminar provided a totally new reflection on leadership in a more holistic way (360°). The outcome of this one week intensive seminar was a personal vision statement supported by clear steps how to implement it to help to fulfill my potential as an effective leader proven to work in a real world environment.

Markus Weiss – Director Emerging Markets Strategy Implementation at Boehringer Ingelheim Consumer Health Care.

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