Storytelling Camp

Inzell Business Storytelling Camp

The role as a good communicator is a crucial part among the responsibility of leaders.

But what makes communication really effective?

What does your team and your employees need to feel inspired?

Arguments based on statistics and data? No, surely not, as pure data does not develop a shared sense of identity. It would be difficult to connect, inspire and get people to act on just logic and reason alone. You need a vision and emotional engagement – you need a “emotional story”

Storytelling is a powerful method for leaders and there are 3 main benefits

  • helps to communicate your values and to visualize your vision and leadership principles
  • will be able to put facts into a emotional context, regarding a change initiative for example
  • transports your individual leadership-(brand- )story and helps to build trust and connect with your team

The 3 day interactive and intensive camp combines the three themes leadership, change and storytelling – and is designed for managers and executives

You will develop methods for effective leadership and learn how to manage change processes. A constant and central anchoring point will be your personally created leadership-(brand- )story.

83334 Inzell, Fischerfeld 5, Germany-Bavaria

Next Camp Date:
December, 9th – 11th, 2020

Business Storytelling

  • Five steps to become a master storyteller
  • How to write and how to tell
  • Storytelling principles
  • Leadership story, vision story, employer story
  • What’s your story: create your personal leadership-(brand- )story
  • Individual feedback regarding your leadership story
  • Storytelling performance

It is not about perfection – it is about connection!

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