About me
About me

About me

As a Canadian, now living in Switzerland,  I have my roots in the world of ice-hockey. I worked many years as a player, coach and manager for top teams in Germany and Switzerland. I also had the opportunity to work with Team Canada at six Spengler Cup tournaments.

Since 1999 I have worked full-time as a in-house trainer, coach and keynote-speaker. My education, a Bachelor of Education and a Bachelor of Physical Education, at the University of Manitoba, provided an ideal foundation for my work today. I extended this with further education as a trainer and speaker in Australia and Canada.

Early on, I identified the link between high performance in sport and business and realized that there are many parallels between these two worlds. Drawing on my past experiences in professional sport, I share many personal examples and exciting real-life stories to make my sessions come alive.

My passion is leadership development. My mission is to help people see their potential so clearly that it makes a difference in their lives. My work includes coaching, team vision, motivation, high-performance, communication, psychology of winning and health and wellbeing. I believe that the development of leaders and leadership is the competitive advantage. The core of my philosophy is that leadership development is an inside-out process. It begins by defining clear values and creating a vision and mission on a personal level and that leads to effective leadership on a professional level.

Coaching And Education Background

1978-84 – University of Manitoba/Canada – Bachelor of Education
Bachelor of Physical Education
Bachelor of Education

1989-90 – Success Motivation Institute, Melbourne, Australia
Management Training Program

1988-91 – Canadian Hockey-Association, Winnipeg, Manitoba
National-coach Certificate – Level 4


1992-98 – Coach, Hockey Club Herisau, Switzerland, National-League A
Two time Speaker of the Year, with Custom Learning Systems, Calgary, Alberta.

1999-present – Full-time Speaker and Trainer. Consistently rated as one of the top speakers at the St. Gallen Business School and the St. Gallen Management Institute. Topics are leadership and high-performance-teams. Also in-house trainer and keynote speaker with various national and international companies.

2004 – Opened Mark McGregor Leadership Center GMBH (Current CEO).

2010 – Opening of Leadership Camp Kenora, Canada.
All inclusive, week-long seminars with a unbeatable ambience!

2012 – Opening Leadership Camp in Inzell, Germany for in-house training and seminars.

2017– Created The ‘Being On Mission Institute’