Mark McGregor Business Storytelling Camp

One of my most asked about workshops is the Mark McGregor Storytelling Camp. When you are creating a brand or a vision, you are creating a story. How you do your storytelling will influence how customers want to buy from you, and the likelihood of partnerships with potential clients. Business storytelling is a crucial skill and after this 3-day course you will be able to tell a powerful story.

Business storytelling is a great skill to promote yourself in any context. It is a way to communicate who you are, and what your strengths are. It is highlighted frequently, such as ‘The Balance Career’ highlighting the importance, “Employees who develop a compelling storyline have a better chance of advancing within the organization and increasing their compensation. Positioning yourself within the framework of a story can be an important part of a performance appraisal and other documentation of your work.” Not being able to tell a compelling story is hurting you in the workplace! So don’t wait, take action and become a better storyteller.

The Importance of Story Telling as a Skill

Storytelling is a powerful method for leaders and there are 3 main benefits

  • helps to communicate your values and to visualize your vision and leadership principles
  • will be able to put facts into an emotional context, regarding a change initiative for example
  • transports your individual leadership-(brand- )story and helps to build trust and connect with your team

The History of Storytelling

Think of any influential figure within any context. They all have an ability to influence. And, one of the skills that makes them influential is their ability to sell their story. Story telling has existed since the spoken language and has the capability to grab attention, and influence others.  Laserfiche describes storytelling as “A fast route to true human connection and influence” and “A breath of fresh air for data-heavy information”. If you think your storytelling skills aren’t where they need to be there is no reason to waste time. It will remain a critical skill going forward. Forbes adds to the importance of the skill, noting, “If you own a small company, knowing how to tell your business story needs to be a crucial part of your operations. A brand story has a strategic purpose aimed towards drawing people in. To perfect your story, try the following tips.”

What the Mark McGregor Storytelling Camp Does for you

The Mark McGregor storytelling Camp is the perfect way to make business storytelling one of your best skills. You will leave the camp with a stronger ability to influence, and the power to grab attention. From the basics of how to draft a story, to how to convey detail in a clear manner; the Mark McGregor storytelling camp will empower you. This camp has helped many, and it can help you too!

In the Mark McGregor Storytelling Camp, you’ll apply a series of practical guidelines, step-by-step, for creating unforgettable stories to use throughout your career. Guidelines such as:

  • Develop your storytelling identity:
  • Build your storytelling tone:
  • Designed for impact:

There is no itinerary for this course, as each personal development works in a different way. There will be team activities as well as personal feedback and 1-1 training. As a result, through all these different modes you will understand how to emotionally connect and have a more meaningful connection with people.

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