I just had some Amazing feedback on my 10 Principles of Leadership and Life!

Nothing makes me happier than when I get great feedback on a coaching session. I call my personal philosophy the 10 Principles of Leadership and Life. This is because so much of what leadership is, happens outside the standard ‘professional’ world that we work in. Leadership happens in all areas of our life. Principles of leadership should extend to all aspects of life. One of the most important areas for me to remind people about is their home life. What good is it learning how to coach, focus on the ‘give and take’ principle, or understand the importance of ‘relationship deposits’ in the office, if we aren’t translating that skillset to what happens at home with the ones that matter most to us?


As I work on my second book, one of the big focuses of it is showing how what we learn in understanding the 10 Principles of Leadership and Life does translate into our personal life.  In my workshops around the world, I always recommend that people take this information and use it! Practice coaching your kids, deeply listen to what they are trying to tell you. By learning to intentionally allow that space for them to reflect and share, communication pathways open up in ways you might not believe possible!


I received the wonderful email below this week that is proof of that very thing, and I’ve been given permission to share it with you!  I’ve taken the names out for privacy reasons, but what a powerful example of how we can use all that we learn about leadership and coaching to enhance the lives of our loved ones!  Isn’t making their lives the best they can be what it’s really all about?

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Hi Mark,

Since my first leadership camp taught me of the Principles of Leadership and Life, I identified my struggle as being the achievement of work life balance; and within that, my personal time, family time and partner time. All suffered, especially personal time as there is none. then, when I was home, it was family time albeit poor quality. Now that I have recognized this I have and I am changing. However I need to constantly visualize where I want to go. I need time for the family to also adjust. This has and still does cause some challenges at home. Now with more focus, we are a much better unit for it.

That said, I wanted to share an ‘AHAH’ moment. I really enjoyed the coaching session we had last week and had been scheduling times with my reports for the last 6 months. I did not see much change in the beginning but I am seeing more and more engagement. Some are also coaching their teams. From our coaching session, I will be able to deepen my approach to really help shape sustainable change in our leadership and life.


However, whilst related, that was not the ‘AHAH’ moment. I realize that as I am developing my coaching at work I am not doing it at home – at all.  I felt rather poorly realizing I had missed this opportunity. A great chance to take this skill I have been developing and use it to help those I love.

Unfortunately, Over the weekend, my daughter got her exam results and they were not to her expectation. This was a hard shock to her as she is a straight A+ student. However, instead of doing what we normally do and have a discussion/argument etc etc I told my wife let’s do something different that will help her. I had to spend some time to get my wife to trust me on this. She hates change and really wanted to unleash her disappointment. However, in the end, she agreed let me take the lead. So, Saturday afternoon My daughter and I discussed the results and how it made her feel then we turned to visioning: What does success feel like? What is your goal this time next year, next 2-3years? What does this feel like? How will you take the steps to get there… I also talked to her about the WHOLE Person and that while we were talking about school we have to think of our work/life balance. So, in shaping her vision it should be a vision about herself not just the results at school she wants. The conversation was really intense, I can see the child in her still, but I was really talking to the lady that she will become, a strong determined person that loves people, life and with a solid dose of ‘Aussie fair play’.


We discussed her plans for 3 hrs, it was the most insightful conversation I have had with her – ever. We felt connected, we laughed, we cried we saw our future. And to think I was scared this would fail as she is 15.  I was so wrong.


Towards the end I asked her to reflect some more and write it all down. I tell her to turn it into a vision and mission and actions she wants to do. This is who I am and what I want and how I feel when I achieve this! ‘Every week I will do X Y Z to achieve my vision of myself’. I asked her to share it with us so we can support her. She did it, I think it needs some work but for the first attempt is it fantastic. She has a very clear way of looking at things and knows how to get there…

It was Father’s day here recently, I got a beautiful card and dinner but nothing compares to that discussion


Best regards,

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