What are the benefits of attending a Leadership Camp anyway?

More times than I can tell you, I talk to people who are really interested and eager to attend one of my Leadership camps, either in Canada or in Germany, who are having difficulty selling the idea to their bosses.  Some feel that the time away is too much like a paid vacation. Others seem to think that there is no benefit from spending dedicated time at an offsite, when they could be taking day long trainings somewhere else or learning virtually.

Recently, this question came up again.  I decided that coming up with just a few of the benefits of being immersed in a week of leadership and personal development benefits any person who is committed to becoming the best they can be, both professionally and personally.

Here are my top 8 reasons why one of my Leadership Camps will improve your skills as a leader.


  1. Clarity:  dedicated time away from the everyday allows you to gain clarity on all aspects of your life.  By taking a step back for just a few days, you are able to see a clearer picture of the direction you need to go (vision), why it is you need to go there (purpose) and what matters most to you when taking that journey (values).  Clarity cannot be achieved in the busyness of everyday life when what is urgent often overrules what is important.  In gaining that clarity for yourself, you will better understand what truly is important, and make that your focus moving forward.


  1. Networking: Spending time with other leaders and individuals from around the globe, both opens the door to future collaboration opportunities as well as helps to gain immediate insights and perspectives on various strategies and techniques that can work to further develop as a leader. It opens up pathways to learn more about various cultures, practises and philosophies that you may not have experienced before, building cultural bonds.  Having the opportunity to interact, coach and be coached by others who are striving to be the best they can be continually pushes you to do the same for yourself. 


  1. Improved Health: Focus throughout all aspects of the camp provides information and ideas on how to live your best life and become your healthiest self.  Morning sport, good nutrition, self-care techniques, and focused attention on better life/work balance all combine to ensure that all participants leave our camps being healthier physically, mentally and spiritually, with a large selection of tools to assist in the maintenance of that well being when they return home.


  1. Advanced Coaching skills:  Coaching enhances the performance and skills of high-performance people universally.  Athletes, executives, performers and most importantly, your own team can benefit from what a coach may offer.  You will leave our leadership camps with advanced coaching skills acquired through learning our time-proven techniques, then having the opportunity to practice those techniques at camp.  Participants the opportunity to work with and observe our professional team of coaches throughout the week.  Coaching labs allow participants to learn and explore techniques and styles for deeper understanding and expedited learning through hands-on practice that will translate into skills you’ll use in working with your own team.


  1. Developing a clear mission: Focus on the 10 Principles of Leadership and Life along with intentional time for self-reflection and role evaluation provides everything that is needed to assist attendees to understand their unique mission.  Mission Statements will be created that combine each individual’s vision, values, passions, and skills, providing a roadmap to follow as a guide to their ideal life as a principle-based leader.  The 10 principles also provide an ongoing tool to rate and evaluate where increased attention needs to be focused to live on mission and achieve that ideal future.


  1. Reconnection with Nature: Research has concluded that increased exposure to nature can have positive effects on mental/psychological health, healing, heart rate, concentration, levels of stress, blood pressure and other health factors.  Our camps are set up to allow for a reconnection to nature that optimizes individual’s abilities to absorb the intensive offerings.


  1. Learning from leaders: while at camp participants are surrounded by other leaders who are there to strengthen their own leadership skills, but who, in doing so, are also sharing their own years of wisdom and learning.  Brainstorming, coaching, mentoring and sharing happens naturally in a safe, engaging setting.


  1. Increased Influence: story-telling, music, video, and games are some of the methods explored as ways of expanding one’s circle of influence.  Dedicated time focused on understanding the impact and power of developing emotional intelligence for greater impact in both your professional and personal life.


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