This is a transcribed audio blog post from Mark McGregor’s Soundcloud Page. The original clip is below. If you’d like to hear more clips, or subscribe for fresh weekly content, please visit his profile. This audioclip is about coaching feedback and how to obtain it during your session.


Next question: How to get honest answers and feedback?

I think in the coachings, in the 1-to-1, if you use the right tone, the right body language, if you live the tips, if someone you can vulnerable – you also at the right time can be vulnerable and share your mistakes, share your weakness, share how you’re feeling – if you do that, I think the person will also then have more trust and share back with you. I think that’s how you get honest answers back and honest feedback. You have to keep pulling it out of them. You got to keep getting the feedback and not resisting or fighting it. You’ve got to say thanks for the feedback, cause feedback is the breakfast of champions, it’s a gift. If you can create a culture getting good honest feedback, and you’re giving it to each other, THAT’S leadership. And that starts with some good coaching as well.