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One of my favourite coaching sessions was with my own daughter when she was around 17 years old and trying to move toward the Olympics and be one of the top speed skaters in the world.

One night my family had a late meal at 10pm and I started coaching her with the sweet spot tool, asking her about her strengths, her passion, her future, how she wanted to create value in what she saw herself doing. We worked and got a really cool picture of the future about 10-15 years out and she was excited and she could see it and feel it.

What was so cool, she went to her room to make some notes and put down some thoughts and build it into her weekly plan – the things she had to do more of and things she had to change. By this time I’d had that whole bottle of wine and the kids had a little bit each and around 11.30pm what was so cool that my son Ryan watched the whole process, the whole coaching session, and didn’t say a word. It was like he was behind a glass wall, he was so amazed to see someone be so intimate and be so vulnerable and intimate and sharing and really put it out there to what I’m trying to do and what she wants to be and what she wants to give. Of course setting herself up for risk and failure, but she did it. he was so impressed and he just sat there, a 19-year-old Harvard student, a hockey player.

At 11.30pm when she went to her room to do a bit of work and think on it, he looks at me and in a quiet voice looks at me and says: “Dad, can you do that with me now? That was so incredible, so powerful” I was too tired so we did it a couple of weekends later, it takes a lot of energy to be fully there for someone so they’ll trust you. Without trust they won’t open up and be vulnerable and putting your vision out there makes you vulnerable.